Ever wondered what helps Little Fish run behind the scenes? Well you’re in for a treat, because we’ve listed all of our favorite non-human helpers below. Click the links to sign up - we may or may not get a little something for referring you but rest assured - we wouldn’t send you their way if we didn’t believe in the product.

Little Fish Resources - Operations


Tired of the back and forth emails to schedule an appointment? We use Acuity to allow anyone to quickly view our real-time availability and self-book their own appointments.


An all-in-one collaborative system, Little Fish uses Gsuite to connect, create, access, and control all team needs in one place.


Ever want to take notes on the go in your own handwriting? We love that Notability has iPad and laptop apps to allow us to access them seamlessly from different devices.


Do you like our website? Thank you. And thank Squarespace for making it so easy for use to build a valuable resource for our clients and future clients. Plus their customer service is top-notch.


Sometimes you just want all of your systems to work together, but you don’t know the bridge to get them to talk to each other. Zapier allows us to create triggers that set off automatic workflows that allow us to spend more time with clients and less time manually inputting information.


As the Little Fish team grows, it is imperative that we have a quality pool of candidates to choose from in filling positions. Ziprecruiter allows us to easily set up job postings on various sites, and review candidate profiles to find the best fit for us and our clients.


If you are looking for an easy way to pay your contractors and employees, Gusto offers full-service payroll services, including payroll filings and tax payments, direct deposit, and W-2 / 1099 prep and filing.


Hands down, our favorite business card and flyer printer. Moo uses quality paper, has excellent customer service, and if you don’t love your order, they’ll reprint it. For free.


Offering clients the ability to sign documents electronically makes it easier for all parties involved to provide and receive approval, which helps keep the process moving.


Looking for a freelancer to join your team? Upwork allows you to search thousands of quality independent contractors at varying levels of experience to make finding the next addition to your project a no-brainer.


We’ve tried quite a few coworking spaces but WeWork has been the best option so far. With conference rooms, phone booths, and space to host workshops, it offers everything a small business needs for an office space.


Whether we need an online conference call for a one-on-one meeting or the ability to host several people for a video webinar, Zoom has got us covered. We love how easy it is to invite people, and the integrations with our other systems makes it easy to use in our operations.

Little Fish Resources - Projects


Think of Airtable like an Excel workbook x Access database on steroids. It’s an awesome tool to organize data, present information to your team, and store information that you may need to manipulate later. We use it for our customer database, but there are so many more opportunities to incorporate this system into our business.


Asana is a winner for our internal organization needs. From onboarding to tracking to note-taking, this has really changed the game for Little Fish in terms of keeping track of team needs and responsibilities.


We love Dubsado and so do our clients! This CRM does it all, from service proposals and contracts, workflows, receiving payments and sales reporting. Dubsado makes it easy for our clients to work with us, and for Little Fish to provide a seamless experience in doing so.



Who doesn’t know about PayPal? Quick and easy payments from clients for goods or services. If you use it as your main source of payments, you could also benefit from the reporting and invoicing functions. We use it to make it easier for clients to pay us.


We use Stripe for our bank and credit card payment processing needs, which integrates with our other systems like Acuity, Dubsado, and Squarespace. It is such a seamless experience that you might forget it’s taking care of business for you.


There are many cloud accounting systems out there to support your business in creating invoices, categorizing transactions, and producing financial statements, but we recommend QuickBooks above the others. They’ve been in the game for a while, which is reflected in the many integrations and apps available, and the customer service has never let me down.


Need to take payments in person for your sales? Square is the easiest way to do so, either with their free card swipe or low-cost card reader. Square even offers the ability to manage inventory and view reporting to analyze on and offline sales.

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If you want to take advantage of business mileage as a deduction, you are required to track it throughout the year. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Mile IQ will track your trips, and allow you to categorize them Tinder-style: left for personal, right for business. At the end of the year, you can run a report to use with your tax return to claim the expense.


Rideshare anyone? Lyft is just one option of getting to and from your business meetings without having to be in the drivers seat. As a bonus, if you are a Delta Skymiles member, you can earn miles with each ride (P.S. - These trips are deductible).


Another rideshare app that works pretty much worldwide. In addition to allowing for business v. personal reporting, you can also include your team and clients on your account for easier expensing and tracking.