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Photo of Keila Hill-Trawick CPA and Kenya of Little Fish Accounting for Small Businesses

Elevated Bookkeeping


Is your business growing and you no longer have time to keep up with your monthly transactions?


Our team will keep your books up-to-date and accurate throughout the year and provide financial reports so that you can feel confident in your numbers.

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Elevated Bookkeeping is for you if...


Your annual business revenue is $175,000 or higher.

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You struggle to categorize all of your expenses to consistently understand how your business is performing.

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You're not sure where your money is going each month.

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Your business has grown and you no longer have the time - or the desire! - to spend on keeping your books in order.

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You want to know what to expect so you aren't blindsided at tax time.


What's included with Elevated Bookkeeping?

Our team of experts will standardize your chart of accounts and keep all of your transactions properly categorized.


Each month we'll prepare financial reports that you can use to make strategic decisions in your business. We'll use these reports throughout the year to estimate tax payments and reduce surprise taxes due at filing.


If you're ready to transition your bookkeeping and tax filing responsibilities to a professional, this package is perfect for you!

Investment begins at $2,000 per month

Dedicated Account Manager

You'll have support from our whole team along with a dedicated account manager to oversee your service every step of the way.


We've got the numbers covered! All transactions will be categorized accurately on a weekly basis.


We'll collect and consolidate all of your financial data into concise and easy to read monthly reports.


We manage all of your estimated and annual tax filings, and all associated payments.

Quarterly Strategy Sessions

We'll meet four times a year to talk about business and tax planning based on your financial reports and goals.

Access to Year-Round Help Desk

If you have any burning questions or need assistance, our team will always be here for you.

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