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Little Fish was on NPR (Again)!

If you were listening to 1A last year around tax time, you might have noticed a name you recognized. As part of a conversation around the 2018 tax changes, I was invited to be a part of the discussion to answer questions from taxpayers around the country. The conversation went really well, and I was excited to have been asked, so when I was contacted to come on again this year, I accepted immediately!

The show was focused around the ProPublica series investigating how large tax companies seemingly swindled eligible taxpayers out of the ability to file their taxes for free under the IRS Free Filing Program. Awesome information for those that tried to file free in the past, and found themselves entering payment at the end. Plus yours truly answered questions around tax on unemployment income, waiting for the IRS to respond to paper returns, and how to know when to hire tax help v. going the DIY route. Take a listen below!

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