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Helping participants confidently navigate accounting and tax topics, leaving them with actionable steps to take control of their financial futures.

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Looking for a speaker who can make accounting and tax topics understandable and approachable?

With her empathetic approach, Keila creates a safe space for participants to learn and engage with complex financial topics. She understands the shame and embarrassment often associated with finances and strives to leave participants with a clear plan of action to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Keila's goal is to make accounting and tax information accessible and easy to understand for everyone, so they can confidently navigate their financial decisions.

My Most Requested Talks

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The Importance of Financial Tracking (Accounting & Taxes for Entrepreneurs 101)

This workshop helps business owners learn how to track income and expenses, stay on top of tax payments, and manage finances by equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. This session is perfect for both seasoned business owners and those just starting out that want to establish a solid accounting foundation.


Outsourcing Your Accounting for Scalable Growth

Join us to learn about the benefits of outsourcing, how to recognize when it's time to do so, and how a trusted provider can provide you with the financial information and advisory assistance. This session is perfect for business owners looking to scale their operations and streamline their finances.


Making The Conscious Decision To Stay Small

Learn how to reject endless business growth and achieve success on your own terms. Discover strategies to optimize your operations and team structure, set intentional goals, and understand your financials to stay small and profitable. This session is perfect for business owners looking to prioritize balance and sustainability.


Meet Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA

Keila Hill-Trawick knows what it’s like to drop a steady job for a small business dream. After holding senior-level accounting and finance positions at corporations and government entities including Home Depot, CNN, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office,  Little Fish Accounting was born out of the desire to create a safe space for entrepreneurs that are often overlooked by larger accounting firms. 


Keila found her passion in helping small business owners understand their financial standing, needs, and objectives to build sustainable and profitable companies. In addition to Little Fish, Keila is co-founder of Accountants of Color and donates time and support to various charitable organizations, including service on the boards of nonprofits dedicated to the advancement of women’s empowerment.

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