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Regardless of Your Business Type, We've All Got These Three Things in Common

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it seems like creatives get all the love. But there are so many types of creatives, including service providers, consultants, and retail / restaurant spaces. We often treat them as different because there are so many nuances based on your business type, but we also have quite a bit in common. Curious as to what? I’ll tell you below.

1. WE ALL NEED A TEAM. I recently listened to the Company of One podcast where the host was discussing how “solopreneur” is a misnomer. Little Fish specifically focuses on very small businesses (and we say solopreneur often) but the truth is, none of us are doing it alone. You can give yourself some grace when you are reminded that there is no expectation that you could take care of EVERY thing in your business by yourself.

2. WE ALL HAVE TO PAY TAXES. Most of us aren’t excited about it, but the IRS and state authorities look forward to hearing from us (and our bank accounts) on a quarterly or annual basis. This means, we have to have our financial lives together in order to pay them accurately on a timely basis. So, the question is, how? I give you all of the information I can via the Fish Food podcast, newsletter, and these blog posts, but the first step is TRACK EVERYTHING. Hopefully via a cloud accounting system, but at least by way of a very good excel spreadsheet.

3. WE ALL HAVE BAD DAYS. You will see this suggestion everywhere, but don’t get caught up in the internet version (and sometimes real life conversations) about the constant joy of entrepreneurship. It can be hard. It can be demanding. It can feel like the best of times and worst of times at the same time for a short time or a long time. But it gets better. If you make a mistake, learn how to correct it, and then take the steps. If you’re confused about how to move forward with something you don’t understand, find someone to help you. And when you need to rest, because you can’t take anymore or don’t want to push any harder, take a break. The work and to-do list will be there tomorrow.


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