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Four Systems that Will Help your Business Grow

We talk a lot about accounting over here (no surprise there, huh?) but we know that it takes an efficient system or network of systems to get customers into your business to pay you in the first place. If you do not build automations into your workflows, you can spend more time than necessary just getting to the work than doing the work that is being asked of you. We’re all about giving you time back to do what you actually got into business to do, so let’s jump right into three systems that are imperative to helping you do so.

  1. ONLINE SCHEDULER OUR PICK: ACUITY Tired of the back and forth emails to schedule an appointment? Use an online scheduler to allow anyone to quickly view your real-time availability and self-book their own appointments. As another perk, using an appointment scheduler allows you to set appropriate work hours and automate sending reminders.

  2. ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT SIGNING SOFTWARE OUR PICK: SIGNNOW Offering clients the ability to sign documents electronically makes it easier for all parties involved to provide and receive approval, which helps keep the process moving. One thing we love about SignNow is the ability to send the invite to sign as a link , which cuts down on the number of emails a client receives buy allowing us to include in the stream of communication we are already using.

  3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL OUR PICKS: ASANA AND AIRTABLE Depending on your company needs, there are are many tasks that have to happen behind the scenes to get work done. Whether that’s onboarding a client or managing your team, a project management tool helps you keep track of everything that needs to get done. Asana is a winner for our internal organization needs. From onboarding to tracking to note-taking, this has really changed the game for how we keep track of team needs and responsibilities. On the other hand, Airtable allows you to organize data, present information to your team, and store information that you may need to manipulate later. We use it for our customer database, but there are so many more opportunities to incorporate this system into our business.

  4. PAYROLL PROCESSING SYSTEM OUR PICK: GUSTO Are you hiring yet? If so, you do not want to have the responsibility of managing the payroll withholding and reporting requirements for employee taxes. If you are looking for an easy way to pay your employees, Gusto offers full-service payroll services, including payroll filings and tax payments, direct deposit, and W-2 / 1099 prep and filing. As a bonus, if you register and pay at least one employee, Gusto also allows you to pay contractors as well, allowing you to handle all of your workers in one place


Well you’re in for a treat, because we’ve listed all of our favorite non-human helpers here. Click the links to sign up - we may or may not get a little something for referring you but rest assured - we wouldn’t send you their way if we didn’t believe in the product.


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