Working Session Just for You

Keila Hill-Trawick Little Fish Accounting

You’ve got questions.
we’ve got answers

If you have specific questions as related to your individual or business finances, you’re in the right place!
We are ready to jump on a call to provide you guidance, support, and all-around info to help you make the best decision around your accounting and tax needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to do the discovery call first?

Not necessarily! The discovery call gets you familiar with the services we offer to determine whether we would be a good fit for your needs. If you are ready to get into the details, this skips the wait for a discovery call to get us talking sooner

How much does it cost?

$250.00 per session

what will we talk about?

Whatever you want! Kind of.
We’ll answer all of your pressing accounting and tax questions, and even give you some things to think about that you didn’t know to ask. We will also provide guidance for next steps as needed. You have the option to tell us what’s on your mind when scheduling so that we can prioritize what we address during the meeting.