Our Happy Clients

What makes Little Fish Accounting different is
Keila’s ability to hear the humanity in her clients and use simple language to help create a sense of security and understanding around their accounting needs. She takes what feels big, hairy and scary and makes it manageable and dare I even say it: easy.
Not only was Keila helpful and consistent, she was consistently positive and cool to work with. I know now I don’t need any other accountant. I found mine!
After making a mess of things last year, I had to replace TurboTax with Little Fish Accounting. I feel like I have a personal accountant. The extra attention is priceless!
I’ve never felt more informed or comfortable during the tax season than when Keila stepped in to help and answer ALL of my questions, even the ones I felt were silly. She was professional, thorough, and completely non-judgemental and just so on top of everything. She diligent about making sure I accounted for all of my deductions so that I received the most money back, and there were deductions I would never have known I qualified for if Keila had not pointed them out. Looking forward to her help year-round!
Keila was a pleasure to work with; she took initiative throughout the process to set up consultations, request documents, and provide us information. As a new business owner, I was glad to have the help and support of an accountant who understood my business and could help me to effectively identify and categorize my expenses and write-offs. I look forward to working with Keila in the future and would recommend her services to others.