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Tax Prep Suite: Little Fish’s Service to Prepare You for a Smoother Tax Season

How Podcasting Can Propel Your Business Forward with Ona Oghogho

Why You Should “Just Start” Instead of Waiting for the Right Time

How the Right Systems Impact Your Finances with Simone Little

How to Prepare for End-of-Year Tax Spending

How to Prepare for Taxes and Reframing the Way You Think About Them

How to Get Paid on a Timely Basis

Optimizing Revenue with Competitive Pricing

How to Review Your Financial Statements and Make Empowered Decisions

What is a Chart of Accounts?

Why Bookkeeping Isn’t Enough

Separating Business and Personal Expenses

Planning for An Uncertain Future

Little Fish Beginnings

The Money You're Waiting on Isn't Coming

What's in Your Cloud?

Myth Busting: Deductible Expenses

GROW: Going Beyond The Numbers

START: Establishing a Solid Foundation

Bonus: Little Fish Tax Prep Suite Service

50 | When Art + Writing Collide: Staying Resume Ready with Tiffany Williams

48 | Running as An Act of Resistance with Takia McClendon

46 | Allies & Advocates: They Are Not The Same And We Need Both with Amber Cabral

44 | What's The Difference Between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

42 | Accrual vs. Cash Accounting: Why Does It Matter?

40 | How Diversifying Co-Working Spaces Fosters Community Among Entrepreneurs

Episode 38 | How to Save More and Stress Less with Keina of Wealth Over Now

Episode 36 | Preparing For Your Next Career Move

Episode 34 | Legal Tips For Properly Securing Your Business

Episode 32 | Creatives, Makers, and Cost of Goods Sold

Episode 30 | What Impact Does Filing a Tax Extension Have on What You Owe?

Episode 28 | Balancing a Side Hustle and a Full-Time Job

Episode 26 | What the heck is an S - Corp?

Episode 24 | Interview with Nikita Mitchell

Episode 22 | Interview with Brandon Butler, Butter ATL

Episode 20 | Entrepreneurial Tips from Maryam Pugh of Philadelphia Printworks

Episode 18 | End of Year Tax Tips

Episode 16 | Pursuing and Monetizing a Passion Project

Episode 14 | BONUS: Little Fish Beginnings

Episode 12 | The Blueprint for Small Biz Owners To Work Together as a Collective

Episode 10 | The What, Whys, and Hows of LLCs

Episode 8 | How to Take Risks

Episode 6 | You Got a Letter from the IRS. Now What?

Episode 3 | Decoding Taxes for Entrepreneurs

Episode 2 | Why Do You Need an Accountant?

Introducing Fish Food, a Podcast from Little Fish Accounting

Everything You Need For End-of-Year Taxes

Making the Intentional Decision to Stay Small

How Tracking Your Time Reveals Your Business’s Gaps and Needs

Choosing the Right Accountant or Tax Professional for Your Business

3 Ways to Prepare for Taxes Throughout the Year

3 Benefits of Having Your Accounting and Tax Functions in One Place

Having Business Cash On Hand and Establishing Emergency Funds

Year-Round Support and Building Impactful Relationships with your Accountant

How to Level Up Your Financial Decisions Through Compliance and Advisory

Outsourcing Finance Functions

Do's & Don'ts of Cutting Cost

Charging For Time vs Experience

Common Cash Flow Challenges and 5 Things to Focus On

You Can't Avoid Hiring

Why Bookkeeping is Important

S-Corp Election 201: What the Heck is an S Corp, Part II

To Pay or Not to Pay: Managing Quarterly Tax Estimates

BUILD: Moving Beyond DIY Accounting

Start, Build, Grow

51 | Legal Best Practices to Protect Your Business

49 | Finding Community in Entrepreneurship with Kat Araujo

47 | Classification Matters : Contractors v. Employees

45 | Cash App Is Not Payroll

43 | Discovering Your Passion

41 | How Many People Are Affected When You Don't Charge Enough?

39 | Everything a Sole Proprietor Needs to Know About the Paycheck Protection Program

Episode 37 | Accounting for Entrepreneurs Workshop

Episode 35 | Paying Yourself, What Does It Mean?

Episode 33 | Little Fish Turns Two!

Episode 31 | Common Hurdles New Business Owners Face

Episode 29 | How to Support a Small Business During The COVID Crisis

Episode 27 | Minimize Your Taxable Income With These Common Deductible Expenses

Episode 25 | Moving On: Build Your Craft and Grow

Episode 23 | Four Common Errors Small Businesses Make & How to Avoid Them

Episode 21 | What is the W-4?

Episode 19 | How to File a 1099

Episode 17 | How to Define Your Business Entity as an LLC, Sole Proprietorship or S-Corp

Episode 15 | Season 2 isn't Coming

Episode 13 | Season 1 Finale

Episode 11 | The Truth about Business v. Hobby Income

Episode 9 | Tax Time Without Records? How to Properly Create Support and Estimates

Episode 7 | Entrepreneurs + Retirement

Episode 5 | Tax Prep Beyond April 15th

Episode 4 | Fish Food Interview with Burgess Law, PLLC

Episode 1 | Foundational Accounting Tips for Entrepreneurs

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