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Little Fish presents: The Starter Kit

We took the guesswork out of navigating business finances by creating a Starter Kit for businesses who need a blueprint for a solid accounting structure! Grab a 20 page pdf and 10+ worksheets to build the proper accounting foundation for your business. Whether you're an emerging small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to refocus, you need healthy accounting practices in order to thrive in today's marketplace. We’re providing a resource to help you get started, and a special offer to help you on your way!

We created a Starter Kit for the young (and young at heart) businesses who need a blueprint to navigate the first steps. What are the priorities? What tools can help you get off on the right foot? When you have limited time, where should you focus your efforts financially? For these answers and more, head to the Little Fish Starter Kit page to grab your copy.

Want to sweeten the deal? For a limited time, we’re giving $25 off with the code STARTER25 because we want you to win. Go get yours ⚡️

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