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It’s time to get your small business finances in order.

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If you need to change the appointment after you’ve scheduled, no worries! We require that all appointments be canceled or rescheduled within 12 hours of your appointment time, at which point a refund will be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

We start with an initial consult where we get to know each other better. You tell us about you, we’ll tell you about Little Fish, and ultimately we will decide as a team what would serve your needs best in moving forward. We believe in making you feel heard and comfortable about your struggles and desires for your finances, and take part of this time to assess what hiccups you are experiencing and how we can help ease those pain points. After the call, you’ll receive a service proposal for your review and approval to provide details on the service we recommend.

How do i know if i even need an accountant?

If you are spending time taking care of your business accounting and finance needs that would be better spent serving your craft in other ways, we can help! We serve clients that want to give it all up to an expert to handle, as well as those who want to continue to DIY with some assistance, and everyone in between. Just know that if you are struggling to categorize your transactions, need help interpreting your financial reports, or just want better advise on how to grow your business financially, you are in the right place.

What if I just have questions?

Your initial consult is a discovery call to get a sense of your business, the position you are currently in, and how we can work together, but it is not a working session. This call is to give us a sense of what you need and provide information on the services we provide to address those needs. If you have very specific questions about your business, we can talk those through in a follow-up consulting call. All general inquiries about Little Fish processes or pricing can be directed to