Episode 5: Tax Prep Beyond April 15th

Fish Food Episode 5 - Tax Prep Beyond April 15th - Little Fish Accounting

April 15 has been stamped in our brains as the ultimate financial date to remember but get this: tax prep shouldn't start the month, the day, or even the night before, you should be getting prepared year around!

If tax season seems to sneak up on you and even thinking about the tax process leaves you frustrated, confused, or having daydreams about fleeing the country Wesley Snipes style -- you'll want to dive into this week's episode where I break down some simple steps you can take throughout the year to make your next tax date considerably less stressful!

In this week's episode, we're diving into:

What financial terms like estimated taxes, tax deductions, and penalties really are and what they mean for you throughout the year.

What percentage of your profit you should be saving for federal and state taxes.

The three things to stay on top of year around to ensure a seamless tax season & so much more!

Have you discovered ways to make tax season go smoother? I'd love to hear it along with any questions about how you can get prepared year around!

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