Episode 12: Interview with Tykia Key, The Creative Lab

Fish Food Episode 12 - Tykia Key Creative Lab.png

As small business owners let's keep it real — when you have unique ideas that seem crazy to the outside world, entrepreneur life can feel lonely and isolating.

Our next guest has set out to eliminate this by building a community of creators and entrepreneurs in the DMV who come together to connect and share resources with each other!

We think she’s created the blueprint for how small business owners can work together as a collective, so dive into this episode, featuring Takia Keys of Creative Lab DC and learn about:

  • The most common mistakes creatives make when starting a business.

  • Why it’s important to realize that no one can take care of your passion like you can.

  • Why you need good people around you to help you think critically about your ideas and next steps.

    If you are a business owner at any stage, you’ll definitely want to take a listen.
    After you do, tell me what you think!

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